The following links are some of the statistics available for viewing. Please click on Online Interactive Stats link to view stats more interactively.
What is a Century Break?
Carrom Canada has introduced a new concept to encourage players. In a doubles play, player A breaks and pockets coins from 0-9 [with or without the queen] but misses out on a slam, however, his partner finishes the rest of the coins during his/her play, then it's a White Century. Black is also similar.
What is a Slam?
   When a player breaks and pockets all his coins (9 plus queen) then it's a White Slam. Black is also similar. 
   If a player after breaking pockets (0-9) coins but fails a slam and the next player finishes all the black coins (with or without the queen) then it's a black slam. 
A pilot version of our online interactive stats program.  Currently, this version can give you stats on games played, searchable by individual players. 
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