Francis D'Costa
(416) 880-0928

Derrick Silveira
(416) 602-7274​

Derek D'Souza
(905) 782-8366​

​Hussain Alavi
Sylvester D'Souza

​Carlyle Peters
​(416) 315-6636

Lakdas Liyanage (Lucky)
(416) 471-8461

Madhukar Kelkar

Shad Ahmed
(647) 981-0435

Welcome to Carrom Canada, the online home for carrom lovers all across Canada. The origins of this indoor sport can be traced to the Indian subcontinent where it is a hot favourite, especially during the rainy season. Over the decades, millions of enthusiasts have been drawn to this game for its convenience, affordability and the sheer joy of taking aim and winning. We welcome you into this ever growing family and encourage you to share the fun with your friends, colleagues and relatives. We are always looking for new ways to take our beloved sport to the next level.

LET’S GET SERIOUS ABOUT FUN.  Carrom can be played purely for entertainment as well as for competition. Both forms reward you with an immense sense of accomplishment. Anyone can play. Individually, or with a partner. You don’t need a college degree, but the ability to laugh and listen to phony boasts certainly helps. As the sign on a Bass Pro store says –“Fishermen, Hunters and other Liars are welcome”. We’d like to add Carrom Players to that statement and we’re sure our fellow carrom players will agree. Playing carom brings out the child in you and stress simply vanishes away. 

EXPANDING THE CIRCLE OF JOY.  At present, there are two kinds of groups. On one hand we have carrom players who meet up regularly to play. On the other hand, there are players who love the game but cannot find a group to join. Our mission is to bridge this gap and include more and more players in our circle.

   1. We will keep you informed. Carrom has become very aggressive internationally. Through onsite videos, we will continuously update you with the latest rules and regulations. [Go to archives]
   2. We have introduced our members to an international playing audience with trips to USA, the Carrom World Cup in Sri Lanka and visits by USA players to Canada.  [Go to archives]
   3. We have imported 24 tournament-standard boards to promote this game. Such non profit ventures are essential because although there is a lot of interest, without proper equipment the result would be poor. [Go to archives]

TOGETHER WE WIN. We are looking for volunteers and venues where small sessions can be held. We need information/photographs on any carrom events held or to be held for uploading. With your help we will make this site a “CARROM HUB” not only for Canada but around the world. Do let us know how we can improve. We believe any idea that leads to success is worth trying. 


Francis D'Costa
Below are a few groups who play carrom on a regular basis. You may contact them to accomodate you if possible

​Markham Strykers
  Another highly skillful group of players meet frequently at 92 Grandlea Crescent, Markham, [14th Avenue and Markham Road].
  If interested contact Francis D'Costa (416) 880-0928 Mobile or email:

  Some excellent players also meet frequently at various loactions in Mississauga to play competitive carrom.
  If interested contact Derek D'Souza (905) 502-8366 Mobile or email:

  An elite group of carrom players meet every Wednesday by invitation only, from 7.00 pm at Shad's place (Finch Ave and McCowan). 
  Shad Ahmed (647) 981-0435 Mobile or email:

​If there are any more groups/indiviuals playing carrom and wants players to play with, please contact me to include you in the list of contacts. 
Francis ( 
Markham Elite Group
Every Friday
7- 3 am - Please contact:
Francis: 416-880-0928
Markham & 14th Avenue
Scarborough Carrom Club
Please contact:
Shad Ahmed- 
Near McCowan & Finch Ave.
Mississauga Carrom Club
Please contact:
Sylvester D'Souza - 
Hwy 10/Mavis and Eglinton
Every Friday from 7 pm and Sunday from 2 pm -Local time.
Brampton Carrom Club
Please contact:
Madhukar Kelkar - 
Hwy 10/Mavis and Eglinton
Elected on 28th Nov 2014
Managing Committee:
Francis D'Costa - President
Shad Ahmed - VP-Technical & Selection
Sylvester D'Souza - Secretary
Derrick Silveira - Treasurer
Each VP will have his sub-committee
Technical & Selection Sub Committee
Sanjeevan Selladurai
Derek D'Souza