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1 May 2017
Louis Stamps His Supremacy
Umair, Moaz and Dinesh make top 4.
Louis Stamps His Supremacy
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Louis Fernandes Beat Kamal Muzaffar 25-8-5
3rd Place
Dinesh Shetty lost to Moaz Shaikh 17-25-8
5th Place
Sam Mallisetti Beat Shad Ahmed 18-14-8
7th Place
Anurag Chanda Beat Mohanathas Velusamy 24-11-8
9th Place
Krishna Dangol lost to Atul Bhave 9-23-8
11th Place
Sanjeevan Selladurai Beat Manuel Coelho 25-7-8
13th Place
Jatinder Aujla Beat Wajahatullah Mohammed 25-12-8
15th Place
Rehan Nayyer WO to Chiwah Yee 0-1-1
Knock-Out Rounds
Rehan Nayyer lost to Louis Fernandes 7-25-5, Jatinder Aujla lost to Moaz Shaikh 1-25-7, Sam Mallisetti Beat Krishna Dangol 25-7-5, Anurag Chanda Beat Sanjeevan Selladurai 20-12-8, Wajahatullah Mohammed lost to Mohanathas Velusamy 15-24-8, Shad Ahmed Beat Manuel Coelho 24-11-8, Dinesh Shetty Beat Atul Bhave 20-8-8, Kamal Muzaffar Beat Chiwah Yee 25-6-5

Louis Fernandes Beat Sam Mallisetti 24-18-8, Moaz Shaikh Beat Anurag Chanda 19-17-8
Mohanathas Velusamy lost to Dinesh Shetty 5-25-6, Shad Ahmed lost to Kamal Muzaffar 23-24-9
9th to 16th Places
Krishna Dangol Beat Rehan Nayyer 25-10-8, Sanjeevan Selladurai Beat Jatinder Aujla 25-5-6, Wajahatullah Mohammed lost to Atul Bhave 14-25-8, Manuel Coelho Beat Chiwah Yee 25-9-8

Louis Fernandes Beat Moaz Shaikh 22-5-8 *** Dinesh Shetty lost to Kamal Muzaffar 0-25-6
5th – 8th Places
Sam Mallisetti Beat Anurag Chanda 25-7-7 *** Shad Ahmed Beat Mohanathas Velusamy 25-0-5
9th to 12th Places
Sanjeevan Selladurai lost to Krishna Dangol 5-25-7 *** Manuel Coelho lost to Atul Bhave 14-19-8
13th to 16th Places
Rehan Nayyer lost to Jatinder Aujla 0-1-1 *** Chiwah Yee lost to Wajahatullah Mohammed 7-25-7
League Rounds
Round 1
Jatinder Aujla Beat Krishna Dangol 23-13-7, Madhukar Kelkar lost to Sanjeevan Selladurai 13-24-8, Qadeer Abdul lost to Rehan Nayyer 8-14-6, Sam Mallisetti Beat Moaz Shaikh 25-19-8, Chiwah Yee Beat Mohammed Khader 23-2-6, Wajahatullah Mohammed Beat Atul Bhave 25-14-7, Mohanathas Velusamy lost to Manuel Coelho 15-17-8, Kareem Uddin Syed lost to Dinesh Shetty 7-25-6

Round 2
Krishna Dangol lost to Louis Fernandes 0-25-5, Jatinder Aujla Beat Sanjeevan Selladurai 24-17-7, Anurag Chanda Beat Rehan Nayyer 25-11-7, Qadeer Abdul lost to Moaz Shaikh 6-25-7, Shad Ahmed Beat Mohammed Khader 25-4-5, Chiwah Yee lost to Wajahatullah Mohammed 1-25-8, Mohanathas Velusamy lost to Kamal Muzaffar 0-25-5, Manuel Coelho lost to Dinesh Shetty 10-25-7

Round 3
Madhukar Kelkar lost to Louis Fernandes 0-25-4, Krishna Dangol Beat Sanjeevan Selladurai 16-12-8, Anurag Chanda Beat Sam Mallisetti 11-8-6, Moaz Shaikh Beat Rehan Nayyer 24-9-8, Shad Ahmed lost to Atul Bhave 9-25-8, Mohammed Khader lost to Wajahatullah Mohammed 7-25-5, Kamal Muzaffar Beat Kareem Uddin Syed 25-0-6, Dinesh Shetty Beat Mohanathas Velusamy 25-2-8

Round 4
Louis Fernandes Beat Jatinder Aujla 25-12-6, Krishna Dangol Beat Madhukar Kelkar 25-0-7, Anurag Chanda Beat Qadeer Abdul 19-14-7, Sam Mallisetti Beat Rehan Nayyer 25-0-5, Chiwah Yee lost to Shad Ahmed 1-23-8, Mohammed Khader lost to Atul Bhave 10-17-6, Kamal Muzaffar Beat Manuel Coelho 24-13-8, Mohanathas Velusamy Beat Kareem Uddin Syed 19-15-8

Round 5
Louis Fernandes Beat Sanjeevan Selladurai 21-15-8, Madhukar Kelkar lost to Jatinder Aujla 3-25-7, Moaz Shaikh lost to Anurag Chanda 0-25-5, Sam Mallisetti Beat Qadeer Abdul 25-0-4, Shad Ahmed Beat Wajahatullah Mohammed 23-10-8, Chiwah Yee lost to Atul Bhave 12-25-7, Dinesh Shetty lost to Kamal Muzaffar 5-23-8, Manuel Coelho Beat Kareem Uddin Syed 25-14-8

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Semi Final
Semi Final
Quarter  Final
Pre-Quarter Final