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Elected on 28th Nov 2014
Managing Committee:
Francis D'Costa - President
Shad Ahmed - VP-Technical & Selection
Hussain Alavi - VP-Promotion
Sylvester D'Souza - Secretary
Derrick Silveira - Treasurer
Each VP will have his sub-committee
Technical & Selection Sub Committee
Anurag Chanda
Sanjeevan Selladurai
Derek D'Souza
Kamal and Shad winds up in the 3rd and 4th place respectively.
Below are links detailing match scores for each league rounds, final league table, knock-out rounds and final standings.   You can click on individual names of players and view the games they have played throughout the tournament.   We will provide stats such as how many times a player has pocketed the queen, what's his average per board, did he win the board if it was his strike, etc.
Final League Table
Pre-Quarter Finals
Quarter Finals
Semi Finals
Final Ranking
  Shad Ahmed after much painstaking effort and working with yours truly, designed a system in updating scores which will be embraced by the world of carrom soon.  It not only reduces work but the simplicity and accuracy makes the entire system mind boggling.
  Working endless hours Shad made it certain that the dream of using this concept in a major tournament was fulfilled. Carrom Canada has been using a similar telephone based system for the last 2 years which has been feeding us with tremendous statistics.    We will uploading an instructional video which will demonstrate the working of this amazing concept. Basically, Shad cut of the middleman and avoided unnecessary errors which occurs when it goes through many hands.
  Traditionally the scoring sheet is uploaded by the tournament coordinator and given to the referees or players to input scoring data.  This also creates distraction especially to the players who volunteer to do the entries.  Initial inputs requires, strikers names entered and then it's the calculation constraints i.e marking the queen, adding the coins, sub total, and the accumulative totals.  Similarly one has to enter scores in the losing players columns.  After doing all the mind boggling entries, calculations and not forgetting the strain on the hand whilst making entries it has to go to the coordinator. Also the score board if there is has to be updated for display. After the completion of the game the sheet handed to the coordinator has to go though double entry into his system.
  Shad has designed a program which allows players to input data on a tablet fixed to the board.  All tablets are synchronized by the coordinator on the main software, which allows him to activate any given board.  Once activated, the players on the board do their toss and click a button to notify the program who is the striker. Automatically the entire sheet is populated with the strikers names.  When the board is completed the person who is inputting clicks the button who pocketed the queen, enters the number to the color of the coins remaining on board and clicks submit/display and that's it.  The score sheet transforms itself into a display board with huge numbers and the names of players besides the scores.
  All this is not only transmitted to the coordinator but broadcasted live on the web so anywhere in the world carrom enthusiast can follow the game board by board.  
  This is the basic explanation of the software, however, there are lost of other goodies involved. The next set of players can use the same tablet and the data will reflect to the change.   
​  So as not to delay updating the tournament report we have not gone in depth how this works, but a video will be uploaded shortly.  Also the finals of the National between Louis and Ishan will show how the system works.
  We had 8 cameras ready to transmit live games per round, similar to the broadcast we do during our practice sessions for the last 3 years.  However, we were denied access to the hotel server and had to sever our transmission plans. 

More details with videos of the technology used will follow shortly.
Louis Wins National Comfortably 
Ishan finishes second
   The third place went to Kamal who easily overcame Shad 25-7.
The round of 16 featured 8 Canadians qualifying as leaders in all the 8 league groups. Besides the top four semi finalists, Canadians players who topped their respective groups were, Derrick Silveira, the currently crowned league champion, veteran Wajahat Mohammed, member of Team Canada who finished fourth in the world team championship in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Moaz 
Shaikh, who won the US open doubles in New Jersey and Anurag Chanda, who finished 4th in last year’s Dallas Open. This was a unique performance by the upcoming Canadians and hopefully they will tag along this excitement when they compete in the super USCA tournament which will be held in Dallas offering substantial prize money as incentives. This upcoming competition has attracted talented players from India and 
across the world.  And, Dallas Open conducted by the United States Carrom Association has establish itself as a fore front tournament offering big prize money in any carrom tournament across the world, since Jay Suryadevara has taken over the reins in leading USCA.
   Most of the cream of talent qualified for the 16. Shibu Jose an extremely talented carrom player, Dr. Shivaram Gowdagere who finished 6th in the Champion of Champions Trophy in New Delhi, India couple of years ago, Jay Suryadeva a top 16 qualifier in world championship in Colombo, Sri Lanka, veteran Subramanian Laxminarayanapuram who has overwhelming passion for the game, Ram Gopal a USCA champion couple of years ago, Sanjeevan who finished 4th in the recently concluded super league, a talented
Dinesh Shetty who cannot cross the hurdle at the right moment and the evergreen Atul Kharecha who had the distinction of getting the one and only white slam during the entire tournament.
   The women tournament attracted a record entry and the ladies across the border performed extremely well to make USCA proud. Bharathi Subramanian, who is coached by Subu, played a flawless game throughout the tournament and won the title defeating Martha Lawrence 25-10. Mississauga club however, did have something to cheer in Martha finishing runner up. A long time name in USCA carrom and very sporting figure Saroj Parikh who competes in almost every tournament held in any part of USA and that to in the men's division ended winning the 3rd place defeating a newcomer and former Punjab State player Bhavneet Kaur 25-4. In the semis, Bharathi defeated Bhavneet 25-7 and Martha overcame Saroj 25-9. The youngest competitor Rudelle Silveira had couple of victories and should be an asset to Canada in the future. Ramona Da Cunha and Jenita D’Souza played well and finished 3rd in their groups. Kudos to Linda Fernandes the oldest and most energetic competitor. Linda at age 75 performed well and won a match.  Carrom Canada has intention in fielding a women's team for the upcoming world cup in Birmingham, England.  Interest players please contact Francis.
   The men's tournament was played on a league cum knock out basis with 8 groups of 5-6 players in each group. The top 2 players advanced to the knockout stage for the singles title, where as the 3rd placed players in each groups sparred in another competition to be ranked from 17-24.
   Abhinandhan Chikkam, the youngster who represented Chandigarh in juniors was the Chief Referee. Abhinandhan did not make it to the top 16, but had a good tournament finishing in the 17th place. There were 2 notable upsets in the tournament. Rehan Nayyar an upcoming youngster from Mississauga defeated an off coloured Atul Kharecha in the 3rd league match 25-3 in 5 boards and Ashfaq Rahman created a buzz by defeating Derrick Silveira in a low scoring encounter 11-6 with only 5 boards played.
   It's one thing to compete but when it comes to coordinating it's a different ball game. We were fortunate to have 4 youngest who without their assistance we would be drowning in never ending tasks. Simon D’Costa was key figure in coordinating, Abhinav ChandaAmio Rahman and Newton Paul were flawless in setting up and making sure the electronic scoring system worked well and did not wilt under pressure. Terence Noronha was instrumental in video/projection displays all over the venue and Diana D’Souza was instrumental in easing the registration process and meals coordination.  
   Our very strong supporter Loy D’Souza owner and chef of Konkan Delite made sure hot meals were there and on time, even though he had to commute for almost an hour each way from his restaurant in Mississauga to the venue. Jessica Wang, the Catering Manager of Edward Village, was extremely helpful in addressing our concerns and making sure the event went well. Ilead the Banquet Manager, kept an eye to see that nothing jeopardized the event. Carrom Canada is grateful to all these individuals and the volunteers who helped in coordinating this massive occasion. 
   Carrom Canada would like express their sincere thanks to our main sponsors D'Costa Financial Group and the co-sponsors,  Dr.ShivaramKevin Lawrence of Kings ToursAnurag ChandaShad Ahmed and Derrick Silveira. Thanks also goes to all the players who contributed generously towards the cost of this event.
​[More photos and videos will be uploaded shortly]
   Louis Fernandes the tournament favorite comfortably won the Carrom Canada National tournament held in Markham, Ontario at the Edward Village (formerly Delta Markham) on the 13th of August 2016. The tournament exhibited most of the best talent in Canada and some well know names from USA also participated.
   Louis played his game by the book and never let his opponents come closer to him throughout the competition. In the final, he easily defeated Ishan Mohd 24-12, who many expected to give Louis run for the title. In the semis, Louis had a tougher opponent in Kamal Muzzafar who had early this year won a singles tournament held in Scarborough in which Louis also participated. Louis methodically defeated Kamal 24-9. The other semi final featured Ishan against Shad Ahmed. Shad who has improved leaps and bounds and who does not play straight defense had Ishan on the ropes leading 12-4 at half stage of the game. However, Ishan’s experience and Shad’s change of play from aggressive to defense proved his downfall and he lost 12-24.
Champion Louis with Bridget D'Costa and Francis.
Women Champion Bharathi
Kamal receiving his award.
Ishan with Bridget.
Runner-up Martha.
Kudos to the women who supported us.
Bhavneet on extreme left and Saroj on extreme right. Chiwah Yee and Dinesh Shetty 6th and 7th from left. 
Simon D'Costa acknowledging co-sponsor Dr. Shivaram Gowdagere (L) and Anurag Chanda (R)
Derrick Silveira, Anurag and Sanjeevan Selladurai. Winners of the super league. Missing Shad.
Lunch and Dinner
Our electronic maestro Shad Ahmed introducing the system.