Carrom Canada met with the Executive Committee of the Western University Carrom Association on the 26th of September 2015 to discuss the endorsement of their association with Carrom Canada. Along with CC President, Francis D’Costa, Shad Ahmed, VP and Thomas Lawrence from the Mississauga Carrom Club, drove the distance to develop this relationship, which will enhance the development of carrom to WUCA.

“Currently, we have more than 45 members who have embraced this idea and hopefully we are confident that another 75 students from the other sports bodies will join us” said the President of WUCA, Hanif Asher. This group are students of the prestigious Richard Ivey Business School, who one day will be thriving to be CEO’s of the corporate world.

Also, with Hanif, were his VP’s Scott Tang and Mohammed Kabbani. Interestingly, Hanif originates from Delhi, India, Scott from Korea and Kabbani from Palestine. Tang concurred that a whole mix of nationalities will comprise of this group. “This is a pleasant task for us, as we will create an impact with teens, who have not experienced the game of carrom whilst growing up” Francis enthusiastically commented.  Shad Ahmed, VP added "This goes well with our theory of training and developing players, which we have been doing since 2012.  In fact, I am a perfect example of training and development. Who knows we could find a hidden gem within these students".  

Shad and Thomas spent time showing the future executives the basics of carrom and, Francis presented them with DVDs and books for learning the game in depth, by none other than the most popular trainer of the game, Mr. Arun Deshpande.

Executives at play ...
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